Tax Tip: Picking a Preparer

iStock/ThinkstockTax season is here. And while you may have all of your documents ready, do you know who's doing your taxes?

If you have a tax preparer you trust and who's been able to save you money in the past, chances are you'll probably go back to that person. But what if you're looking someone new?

"You can find a list from the National Association of Enrolled Agents," says New York tax accountant Janice Hayman.

Once you're on the NAEA's website, you can use its search tools to narrow down your hunt for a tax preparer.

"It will list what they specialize in whether it's individuals, representations, small business, things of that nature," Hayman says.

You could also skip a preparer and opt to either file your own taxes, or do it yourself using one of the many tax software programs that are available. But Hayman recommends the personal approach.

"They will follow up with you if there are any notices that come up, any questions at all from any of the government agencies whether it's federal, state or local, you can contact that tax professional and they will work through the problem with you," she says.

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