Tax Tip: Using Tax Software

iStock/ThinkstockYou really can trust tax software when you're filing your taxes.

While a human tax preparer might be able to offer you advice you can't get from a computer, if you pick the right program there's no reason not to do it yourself.

"If you have a very complicated return, maybe the more basic software isn't going to do the trick," explains Internal Revenue Service spokesman Eric Smith. "But on the other hand, if you have a simple tax situation, very often the software that's available is just fine."

Once your return is done, the software makes filing electronically simple, so you get your refund as quickly as possible.

And through an IRS program called Free File, some people can get tax software free of charge.

"For those who qualify, particularly those who make less than $62,000 a year, it's actually free. Free for the software, and free for the filing as well," Smith says.

And that free software includes some brand names you'll recognize. See if you're eligible at

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