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Nampa Man Charged in Alleged Murder-for-Hire Plot

(NAMPA, Idaho) -- A Nampa man has been arrested for allegedly trying to hire someone to kill his ex-girlfriend.

Kenneth O’Brien, 20, was arrested Saturday, and charged with criminal solicitation of a murder.

Police said his arrest comes after O'Brien allegedly approached a person over the past six weeks and asked them to kill his ex-girlfriend. The person who was allegedly asked to do the crime reported the matter to the police.

"As the investigation developed, detectives learned that O’Brien had offered up money, provided a location of the former girlfriend to the person and offered up a weapon to commit the crime. The weapon was later recovered at O’Brien’s residence," Nampa Police said in a statement.

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Nampa Man Pleads Guilty to Meth Charges 

(BOISE, Idaho) -- A Nampa man pleaded guilty in federal court to selling methamphetamine, officials announced Tuesday.

Lawrence Joseph Kren, 64, admitted to distributing the drug between February and March 2014. He sold meth to a law enforcement informant during three separate instances, and also confessed to having firearms in connection to the crime.

Kren faces up to 20 years in prison, along with a fine of $1 million and three years of supervised release.

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Boise Police Warn of Car Wrap Scam 

(BOISE, Idaho) -- Police are warning area residents of a car wrap scam hitting the Boise area.

Officials reported two recent cases in which citizens were affected by an email scam, with one individual losing $2,000 as a result.

Victims are targeted with an email or advertisement on an e-commerce website, according to police. The ad offers cash to car owners willing to have their vehicles wrapped with a company logo, often from well-known, major brands. Individuals are promised several hundred dollars in return.

Those who accept the offer receive a check "for a large amount of money," officials said. However, when redeeming the funds, victims are told only a portion is their payment and they are required to wire the rest.

Scammers use valid account information from real companies, but the checks are discovered to be fraudulent.

“Education is the key to eliminating victims in this scam and dozens of others like it,” said Detective Wade Spain,  financial crimes investigator with Boise Police. “Especially those of us who are in need of extra cash, these offers sound so easy which makes them attractive. But do your homework. It’s very hard to tell a victim they will not be getting their cash back.”

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Woman Arrested for Domestic Violence

(BOISE, Idaho) -- A 29-year-old woman was arrested for domestic violence late Monday night.

The Ada County Sheriff's Office says that Larissa Dawnell Finch was arrested on a charge of assault.

No traumatic injuries were reported.

Finch remains in custody.

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Mayor Bieter, Gardner Company Exec Take Ice Bucket Challenge 

(BOISE, Idaho) -- Mayor David Beiter and Gardner Company’s Chief Operating Officer Tommy Ahlquist followed in the footsteps of thousands of people around the world Monday in raising awareness for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Standing on the roof of the U.S. Bank building, the pair undertook the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge by getting soaked with chilly water.

Watch the video here.

"We're happy to support this cause," Beiter said. "ALS touches all of us, friends of mine have unfortunately had the disease. So it's a great cause and we're happy to do this."

ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, affects cells in the brain and spinal cord that control voluntary muscle movement.

Toni Nielsen, Western Idaho Region President of Zions Bank, and Boise City Councilor TJ Thomson nominated Beither and Ahlquist to take the challenge.

In turn, the two called out Boise Fire Chief Dennis Doan and Boise Police Chief Michael Masterson, along with all local firefighters and officers for a "mass Ice Bucket Challenge" at 8th and Main Streets on Wednesday evening. The pair will also donate $25 toward ALS associations for every firefighter and officer who commits to the event.

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