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Apple’s Steve Jobs Most Admired Entrepreneur Among Teens

Photo Courtesy - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) -- Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg may have created a product with a half a billion users and be the subject of a hit Hollywood movie, The Social Network, but a new survey reveals he’s not the entrepreneur teens admire most.  A 2010 Junior Achievement Teens and Entrepreneurship survey finds Apple co-founder Steve Jobs sits atop a list of most admired entrepreneurs.

Here’s the top five from the survey:

1. Steve Jobs -- 23 percent
2. Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling -- 17 percent
3. Oprah Winfrey – 14 percent
4. Music artist/businessman Jay-Z -- 13 percent
5. Mark Zuckerberg & skateboarder Tony Hawk (tied) -- 9 percent

When broken down by gender, teenage girls ranked J.K. Rowling as the most admired entrepreneur, with 23 percent, followed by Oprah with 21 percent and Steve Jobs with 17 percent.

For teenage boys, Steve Jobs is the most admired with 29 percent of the vote, followed by Jay-Z at 17 percent and Tony Hawk at 14 percent.

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