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Blockbuster Announces New 'On Demand' Options Amid Bankruptcy

 Photo Courtesy - Blockbuster Inc.(DALLAS) -- In an attempt to reinvent itself after filing for bankruptcy in September, Blockbuster has announced the addition of seven new devices as part of Blockbuster On Demand.

The company now provides consumers with the ability to watch video content on more than 100 electronic and mobile devices, according to a company news release. The struggling video rental giant also announced the addition of six new consumer electronics partners.

"We've launched with half a dozen new CE partners in recent weeks and continue to expand organically with existing partners," said Bruce Anderson, Blockbuster On Demand's senior vice president and general manager.

Blockbuster On Demand and similar services, such as Netflix, allow users to select and access video on demand from their televisions or personal computers.  Blockbuster's inadequate response to competition from Netflix and others in this arena in large part led to the company's bankruptcy.

Anderson said that the technology allows seamless integration across different devices. Customers can stop movies and resume play from a different TV and have the option of watching their movie on a smartphone, Blu-ray player or computer.

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