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A wallet lost in 1970 just turned up, as an amazing 1970 time capsule

ABC News(GRESHAM, Ore.) -- A wallet lost in 1970 at a high school turned up during a building demolition at the school - and took its long-lost owner on a trip down memory lane.

After a demolition crew came across the wallet - lost 48 years ago - Carrie Henry got a message on Facebook from the principal of her alma mater, Gresham High School in Gresham, Oregon.

“They just found in a rubble," she said. "It would have been where the old art class was."

“I went there that day, and with [the principal], we walked around the school, and it brought back a lot of memories."

The black wallet contained a new high school student ID card, a library card, a green stamp, a Giorgio’s pizza menu, a calendar, and a few photos.

“[There are] pictures of my brother," she said. "He would have been 10 [at the time], and my cousin Billy, and a friend Cathy,” she said.

“That’s what you did back then," she explained. "You kept little pictures, you know. We did not have cell phones or anything."

“You just kept pictures of your friends and family.”

She said adding that these items would not be in a wallet as the technology has been advance as of today.

“I don’t think I would carry a menu," she said. "And I have a library card! My library card’s in there too,” she told ABC News.

“There was an activity schedule, baseball and football. There was a calendar there too, an old calendar.”

Henry said she doesn’t remember losing a wallet, but its discovery has certainly brought her a lot of joy - and good memories.

“It feels really sweet. It kind of took me back to that time and brought back some good memories."

“It was fun," she said. "It was kind of a fun sweet thing to have happened to me.”

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