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Amtrak to Start Charging Passengers Who Exceed Bag Limit

Alex Wong/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- It looks like Amtrak is taking a page from the airline industry's playbook: It will now start charging passengers for baggage.

Amtrak, starting Thursday, will charge passengers $20 for bags, but only if they exceed the luggage item limit.

Passengers are currently allowed to board free of charge with two personal items -- such as a backpack, purse or laptop -- that weigh 25 pounds or less, along with two carry-on bags weighing 50 pounds or less. If traveling with children, passengers can bring an additional stroller or diaper bag.

The fee will apply to any passenger exceeding those limits.

Amtrak historically has struggled to earn money, and no doubt the baggage fees are seen as a way to boost its bottom line. It's certainly worked for the airlines: the Department of Transportation reports last year, baggage fees generated more than $3.5 billion in revenue for U.S. carriers.

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