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Anna Camp talks "Pitch Perfect 3," challenging herself in Hollywood, all while spreading some holiday cheer

Amanda Edwards/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- As Anna Camp readies herself for the premiere of Pitch Perfect 3, the widely-recognized actress is reflecting on her time starring in the musical comedies and is enjoying this holiday season. She says she has watched film twice, crying both times and thinking about all the experiences she has had with her co-stars. She also recently spread some holiday cheer around New York City streets, caroling with Captain Morgan and an entire chorus.

Even though Pitch Perfect 3 is just hitting theaters, Camp is already looking towards to her next role. She is not sure what it will be or where she will find it, but does not promise it will be similar to Aubrey Posen.

"I want to challenge myself and get something completely different," Camp recently told ABC News. The actress talked about transitioning from role-to-role as an actress and navigating through Hollywood as a professional. She currently finds herself in a precarious position after completing Pitch Perfect 3.

Camp wants to play a character different from the "uptight, closed-off woman that you slowly over time get to see drop their guard." Instead, she would rather portray someone she has not played before, such as a person "who's already a bit of a mess."

Camp concedes there is a tendency in Hollywood to "typecast," or assign a specific role or character to an actor or actress over and over. As an actress, she looks to break away from typecasting and make audiences say, "Wow, I wasn't expecting that from her!"

She explains two ways that she and other actors and actresses can find themselves in a new role in the acting industry.

The first thing Camp says she will do is be aggressive and proactive, seeking out what character or characters she would like to play next. She did not mention having one specific character in mind, but something different from the person that eventually reveals themselves over time.

While she says there is "a fair amount of luck that goes into this business," she does not expect that next fulfilling role to arrive at her doorstep. Instead, she will seek out a role that she believes she can thrive in by researching projects and speaking with producers and others across the industry.

The other way Camp will pursue that new role is not rely on outside professionals to find her a role. Instead, she would produce it herself. She leaves open the possibility of producing her own character if she does not find the role she wants.

"I have to be vigilant, find it on my own, and maybe even produce it," she tells ABC News. She did not indicate if she would produce anything right away or if she would try producing later in her career.

Pitch Perfect 3 premiered on Friday, Dec. 22. Camp admits it could be the last of the Pitch Perfect films, and encourages audiences to stay in their seats during the credits because "a very special thing" happens at the end that fans will appreciate.

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