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Apple Seeks a Ban on Eight Samsung Smartphones

PARK JI-HWAN/AFP/Getty Images(SAN JOSE, Calif.) -- After its big court win on Friday, Apple, as anticipated, is seeking an injunction on the sale of eight Samsung smartphones.  In a court filing, Apple requested a ban on the sale of eight of the 28 Samsung phones and tablets that were discussed in the trial.

The products include the Galaxy S 4G, Galaxy S2 (AT&T), Galaxy S2 (Skyrocket), Galaxy S2 (T-Mobile), Galaxy S2 Epic 4G, Galaxy S Showcase, Droid Charge, and Galaxy Prevail.

Since the law moves slowly, though, some of the products in question aren’t on the market anymore. The Galaxy S 2 is still on shelves at some stores, but it has primarily been replaced by the Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Nexus. Those two phones  hadn’t been released yet when the suit was filed, and were not considered in the case.

The verdict “will lead to fewer choices, less innovation, and potentially higher prices,” said Samsung in a statement on Friday. “It is unfortunate that patent law can be manipulated to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners, or technology that is being improved every day by Samsung and other companies.”

A hearing on the request for injunction is set for Sept. 20.

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