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Billboard near Elon Musk's Tesla factory asks him to 'dump Trump'

KGO-TV(NEW YORK) --  Elon Musk, like many other tech industry leaders, has been slammed by foes of President Trump for being part of the White House's business advisory council.

On February 2, the Tesla and SpaceX CEO responded to his detractors who have called on him to drop out of the council, tweeting, "Advisory councils simply provide advice and attending does not mean that I agree with actions by the Administration ... I understand the perspective of those who object to my attending this meeting, but I believe this is doing good, so I will remain on council and keep at it."

But that has done little to silence his critics.

A new billboard has popped up on Interstate 880 in Milpitas, California -- located just three miles from the Tesla factory in Fremont -- that reads, "Elon: Please dump Trump."

According to ABC affiliate KGO-TV in San Francisco, the billboard has been up for at least a week and costs $5,000 a month.

Uber CEO Travis Kalanick left the council in February following similar criticism from Trump opponents.

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