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Boeing test flight draws a plane over the US

Credit: flightradar24(CHICAGO) -- A Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner drew an outline of itself over the United States using tracking software on Wednesday.

The aircraft was on an 18-hour endurance test flight for the company and instead of flying across the globe, the Boeing test team chose to draw a picture of the aircraft they were flying.

The drawing covers 22 states, with the wings stretching from Texas to Michigan. The tip of the tail touches Alabama and the nose is over western Wyoming. The plane points toward Boeing's home region of the Pacific Northwest.

Boeing tweeted out a video of the flight path, captured on the live flight tracker website Flightradar24.

However, this was not the first masterpiece by Boeing artists. Earlier this year, during an endurance test flight of the company’s new 737-max, the test team drew the word “MAX” across the skies of Washington state, Idaho and Montana.

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