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British Company Debuts $175K Bed

Erik Snyder/Photodisc (file photo)(LONDON) -- For those who have grown tired of sleeping on a mattress made of money after spending the day swimming in the gold coins in their vault, the company Savoir Beds has a solution: a $175,000 mattress.

The British company's new "Royal Bed" made its debut at Kensington Palace in London. And with a price tag a hundred thousand dollars higher than the luxury company's former top-of-the-line model, the bed clearly helps cultivate the dreams of those for whom life is arguably already a dream.

"...[I]t will only appeal to the very lucky and very wealthy," said Savoir Beds' managing director Alistair Hughes to CNBC. "If you're buying Gucci handbags, a suit from Saville Row or a Rolls Royce, you're looking for the best.  And you spend a third of your life in bed."

The financial site calculated that if the mattress, bed and box spring are guaranteed to last 25 years -- divided by 365 nights for 25 years -- it works out to be less than $20 a night.

Then again, the site warns, the bed's toppers, containing, "masses and masses" of Latin American horse tail and "mountains" of Mongolian cashmere need to be replaced every five to seven years or so, at a price of $5,000-$10,000 apiece.

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