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CareerBuilder Posts Worst Interview Mistakes of All Time

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(CHICAGO) -- It's no secret the jobs situation in this country is dismal, so if you're lucky enough to land an interview, suggests you don't ask for a sip of the interviewer's coffee.

Believe it or not, an applicant actually did that during an interview.  That mistake and others are part of a new list compiled by the online jobs site, based on real-life encounters of hiring managers.

Among the obvious mistakes cited by experts are being late to interviews or appearing cocky.  Some less-obvious first impression flubs that hiring managers have seen?  Texting or taking a cellphone call during an interview, inexplicably wearing a Boy Scout uniform, or telling an interviewer the offered position, "isn't worth starting the car for."

Here's the full list of the most unusual interviewing mistakes, as compiled by

-- Candidate brought a "'How To Interview' book" with him to the interview.

-- Candidate asked, "What company is this again?"

-- Candidate put the interviewer on hold during a phone interview. When she came back on the line, she told the interviewer that she had a date set up for Friday.

-- When a candidate interviewing for a security position wasn't hired on the spot, he painted graffiti on the building.

-- Candidate was arrested by federal authorities after a background check revealed the person had an outstanding warrant.

-- Candidate talked about promptness as one of her strengths after showing up 10 minutes late.

-- While driving to the interview, the candidate passed, cut-off and flipped his middle finger at a motorist who happened to be the interviewer.

-- Candidate referred to himself in the third person.

--Candidate took off his shoes during the interview.

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