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Cutting edges: warranty company says iPhone X is "most breakable ever"

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The iPhone X's thousand-dollar pricetag makes it the most expensive off-the-shelf smartphone to date, and according to the testers at the warranty company SquareTrade, it's also the most breakable, too.

The company puts a host of tech products through their paces, including simulated drops, slops, and rolls -- and despite Apple claiming its phone's glass is super-durable, the X didn't fare too well against every day oopsies.

Using robotic devices to fairly simulate every day mishaps, the testers proved the phones' faces will shatter from an average height drop of six feet, rendering facial recognition and other features inoperable. A drop onto its back shattered the glass such that shards stuck out, and internal damage was done, to boot.

Putting the iPhone X into a tumbler -- kind of like a raffle spinning machine, but meant to simulate a moving drop -- also dinged the thing up significantly.

According to the company, which provides cellphone insurance, Apple will charge more than $250 for a new screen, and other repairs could be upwards of $550, thanks to the fragile features packed into the device.

The testers, aping Apple's AD copy for the iPhone X deemed it, "the most-breakable, highest-priced, most expensive iPhone to repair, ever."

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