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Dead Phone? Charge It on Your Tablet

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(LAS VEGAS) -- How often does this happen to you? Your phone’s battery is down to 20 percent, but your iPad or tablet still has at least an 85 percent charge. Sure, you could go grab the charger and find an outlet, but how nice would it be if you could just put your phone on top of your tablet, charge it for a few minutes, and keep on texting without worrying?

That’s what Fulton Innovation is showing off at CES 2013. The company has taken the technology you find in products like the Powermat or Nokia’s new charging pads for its Lumia phones, which are both based on the Qi wireless power standard, and put it in the back of a thin Samsung tablet. The tablet is still the same size and thickness it always was, but has a power source built in to the back. When you put a phone on top of it that has the same technology, the tablet can send power to the phone without a cord.

So when will you be able to do this? Not tomorrow, says Fulton, but it could be soon.

“This technology is ready to be added in to the standard today, so it is something we will be proposing to the Wireless Power Consortium for the next generation of products,” John Schwannecke of Fulton Innovation told ABC News.

Until then, don’t forget the charger and check out video of it in action.

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