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Employees Working Remotely Are Seen Not as Productive

iStockphoto/Thinkstock(ONTARIO, Canada) -- Most employees in the U.S. and Canada are open to flexible work arraignments, which includes working remotely, but a new survey shows a majority of bosses in the Great White North don’t think staffers are as productive when they work outside the office.

A survey commissioned by Microsoft Canada finds just 25 percent of Canadian bosses feel employees are more productive working remotely than inside the office.

In comparison, 55 percent of Canadian workers believe they are more productive when they work remotely.

Still, 42 percent of the bosses polled say they do support remote working arraignments.

The bosses surveyed also listed their complaints when it comes to dealing with employees who work remotely.  Here are the top pet peeves, along with the percentage of bosses who feel that way:

  • Inability to talk face-to-face, 49 percent.
  • Lack of focus, 26 percent.
  • Lack of accountability, 22 percent.
  • A belief employees are doing less work, 22 percent.

The Microsoft Canada survey involved 1,249 employees and bosses.

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