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Energy, Internet-Related Jobs Are Booming, Survey Finds

Tim Boyle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- While the jobs market continues to improve slowly, a new survey out Wednesday finds that several sectors and parts of the country have been booming in the past three years.

“Drilling crude petroleum, natural gas extraction, natural gas production: all those are up well over 20 percent,” says Jennifer Grasz of CareerBuilder.

Its report finds that the Internet has directly created a lot of jobs.

“Electronic shopping, that’s up 23 percent.  Internet publishing and broadcasting [are] up 30 percent,” Grasz says.

Other hot areas for job creation include health care, transportation and manufacturing.

“And so you see machine shops coming back, and also you see those other industries tied to it,” says Grasz.  “Specialized freight trucking -- those jobs are coming back as well.”

The CareerBuilder and Economic Modeling Specialists survey finds there is also a close correlation between the top locations for job growth and the concentration of fast-growing industries in those markets.

“Technology hiring is a big contributor for growth in the Bay Area and Raleigh and while Texas cities, Oklahoma and Salt Lake are benefiting from strong oil and gas activity,” says Matt Ferguson, CEO of CareerBuilder.  “The rebound in manufacturing helped to land Detroit in the top ten while healthcare continues to thrive in Phoenix.”

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