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Fathers Earn a Lot More than Childless Men

Fuse/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Not every man is cut out to be a father but men who dread the prospect of having children because it might crimp their earning power should take note of a study from the City University of New York.

In a survey of city residents, researchers found that men with kids make an average of about $41,000 annually compared to guys without children whose paychecks are around $29,900, a 25 percent difference.

This discrepancy in salary was pretty much constant over a 20-year span beginning in 1990 and didn’t deviate regardless of age, race, education and profession.

So why do fathers earn more than childless men? Study author and psychologist Justine Calcagno explains that men with families are seen as “more warm, that they’re more devoted -- all these sort of positive factors we attribute to dads.”

However, mothers don’t get the same perk as their annual pay is $24,350 on average, more than 40 percent less than fathers.

Calcagno attributes this to long-held biases employers have that somehow women with children aren’t as focused or devoted to their work as men.

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