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Get Your Mortgage Paid for by Turning Your House into a Billboard

Brainiacs From Mars(BUENA PARK, Calif.) -- Need help paying your mortgage? If so, the marketing firm Brainiacs From Mars has a proposition for you.

“We’re looking for homes to turn into billboards. In exchange, we’ll pay your mortgage every month for as long as your house remains painted,” the firm’s website reads.

The transformation from a more traditional color to broccoli green and sunrise orange definitely draws attention, and that’s exactly the point. Brainiacs From Mars is using the homes as a way to advertise its ingenuity.

“This is our business card and it works a lot better than that,” Brainiacs From Mars CEO Romeo Mendoza told ABC News. “It’s telling people we are an out-of-the-box, high-impact firm....The average person gets bombarded with 35,000 ads a week, so it’s hard to really stand out.”

The firm has only painted one house and says its goal is to paint 100 homes by the end of the year. It will have a lot of options to choose from after receiving more than 38,000 applications.

Click here to submit an application for your house.

“It’s definitely a two-way street,” Mendoza said. “We are able to help the homeowners and the homeowners are able to help us.”

According to Mendoza, the houses will be chosen based on “what feels right,” and while there are a lot of factors, he stresses the one thing that does not matter is location.

“It’s based on everything but location. The location makes absolutely no difference to us,” he said. “This home gets attention and does its job no matter where it is. And because it does that we are able to paint anywhere.”

The campaign has already surpassed the company’s wildest expectations. Because of the publicity from the one home already painted, in Buena Park, Calif., Brainiacs From Mars said it has landed new contracts and more than doubled its original staff of 12.

“It’s done tremendous things for us,” Mendoza said. “Ultimately, we’d like to do as many [homes] as possible. It’s effective for us to reach more clients and help homeowners at the same time.”

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