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Hospital employee returns $9K to patient: 'I'd want it done for me'

iStock/Thinkstock(PROVIDENCE, R.I.) -- A hospital employee who returned thousands of dollars to a patient after discovering the cash in a laundry room is being commended by the hospital's staff.

Steven Ledo, 62, was working his shift at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, last month when he noticed money falling out of one of the dryers.

Ledo, who has been employed at the hospital for 19 years, said there were a large number of bills in multiple denominations totaling $9,100. The patient's passport was also found in the dryer.

Ledo turned the cash in to his supervisor.

"I've never handled that much money," Ledo told ABC News Friday, adding that he never thought to keep the cash for himself. "I was very shocked. My thing was to protect the money."

Arthur J. Sampson, president of The Miriam Hospital, told ABC News that the patient, whose name was not revealed for privacy reasons, was "delighted" to receive her money back.

"I am not surprised at Steven's response at all," Sampson said. "He is an honorable man. He's been a long-term employee and this is well within his character."

The hospital is holding a ceremony on Aug. 30 to honor Ledo for his good deed.

"I still believe most people would do the right thing," Ledo said of returning the money. "I'd want it done for me."

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