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JetBlue Delivers a Cousin’s Letter in Time for Newtown Funeral

Scott Olson/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- JetBlue said it delivered a handwritten note from a woman in Washington state who couldn’t make the funeral of her nephew, who died in the Newtown, Conn., school shooting.

Before Noah Pozner, 6, was buried Monday, his mother had requested the family write notes that could be buried with her son.

Pozner’s aunt Victoria couldn’t make the funeral and her husband was already in Newtown to be with his grieving sister.  Still, Victoria wanted her 6-year-old son’s letter to his cousin to be delivered in time for the funeral.

Victoria began tweeting under the Twitter handle @VDog, asking others for suggestions on how to get the letter there in time.  ABC News has been unable to determine her last name.

“I need to know if there’s a way to overnight an envelope to CT as my SIL (sister-in-law) wants notes from the whole family buried with Noah. Help?” she tweeted.

JetBlue responded minutes later, tweeting, “We’re sorry for your loss. Please DM us your best contact ph# and we’ll have someone reach out to you.”

JetBlue said it delivered the handwritten note to Pozner’s funeral on time.

Victoria on Monday tweeted that the note made it to the funeral on time.

“I need a favor: We need to love bomb @JetBlue crew that helped deliver Noah’s burial notes safe & sound. The notes are in CT,” she tweeted, using the hashtag #LoveForNoah.

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