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Jonathan Scott offers tips for redesigning your bedroom for a better night's sleep

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Home design expert and television personality Jonathan Scott teamed up with Stearns & Foster to bring new designs to those trying to freshen up their homes.

The HGTV "Property Brothers" star recently spoke with ABC News about his different goals and approaches to redesigning homes, specifically bedrooms. The conversation focused primarily on how people can improve their sleep just by making a few adjustments to their rooms.

Some of his tips are listed below:

1. Get a quality bed

"You have to invest in your sleep"

Scott's top rule is a practical one for anybody interested in redesigning. He says a great bed ensures great sleep. According to Scott, the bed is the "anchor" of the bedroom, and the primary piece people use to recharge.

Scott, who sleeps on a Stearns & Fosters Reserve Collection bed, claims bragging rights within his own family. He says when family members come to his Las Vegas home, they ask to stay in his room for a night, just to see how comfortable his bed is.

2. Take away the tech and work distractions

"The bedroom is not for working in"

Scott tells ABC News it is vital to remove technology from the bedroom because of the effect it has on people at bedtime: it keeps them awake.

Things like emails, news updates, and sports scores not only keep people up late into the night, but also remove them from the present moment they are living in.

It also adds more stress. Having a phone next to the bed or even a television in the room takes away "from the calm, relaxing environment you're trying to evoke" according to Scott.

The TV star also discourages bringing any sort of work into your bedroom. He views the bedroom as a sanctuary to reduce feelings of stress. Scott says, "Nothing will kill the mood faster than working in the bedroom."

3. Subtle additions and subtle colors

"Understand the psychology of the colors you pick up"

Scott suggests adding "subtle, muted" colors to your room that are "nice, neutral" and soft and inviting." The different schemes help create the relaxing, calming environment that help people unwind and sleep.

To enhance the vibrancy of the room, Scott recommends using the room's back drop to introduce different colors. Starting with a pale color as a contemporary palette and adding more dynamic colors through bedroom accessories can create the desired effect in the bedroom.

There are also little things people can change to keep their bedrooms looking fresh and relaxed. Scott suggests changing out window coverings for the fall, for instance, to "completely change the feel of the room without having to repaint or do anything major."

One of Scott's favorite colors to add are touches of champagne, which could go on the walls or on other accessories around the room.

4. No room for dogs

"I think the master bedroom is for the owners of the home"

Scott is not suggesting dogs are never allowed in the bedroom. However, where they sleep matters for people's sleep. He says the purpose of the bedroom is to unwind, and allowing dogs to sleep in the master bed can create an unwanted energy in what is supposed to be a calming space.

He is very protective of the master bed, recommending parents do not allow their children to sleep in the bed either. The separation allows parents to cool down without the worry of having someone else in their space.

Scott offers more tips in his videos on the Stearns & Foster Facebook page.

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