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Kush Bottles CEO discusses company's growth and industry outlook for 2018

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Legal cannabis packaging and supplies company Kush Bottles is set to release second quarter earnings this month, and expectations are high for a company that for the last few years has seen a steady, upward trend in growth.

The company's CEO Nick Kovacevich, recently spoke with ABC News about the state of the industry the goals of his company.

"The industry is here to stay," Kovacevich says, adding, "public opinion is at an all-time high both among politicians and the public... and there's strong bi-partisan support"

Kovacevich dubbed his company "early movers in the market," having been founded in 2010 and going public in 2016. He believes Kush Bottles has room to grow as the industry expands.

However, the entrepreneur concedes "there are many challenges" presented by the industry, and although public opinion is more favorable now than before, there are still many doubters.

One of the ways Kush Bottles looks to address concerns about the industry is by making cannabis packaging as safe as possible. The company has been compliant with state regulations as well as child-resistant packaging standards, attempting to ease fears of how adult-use cannabis can impact families and communities.

Kush Bottles has facilities in three states and is publicly traded on the OTC exchange [KSHB].

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