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Labor Secretary Hilda Solis Bullish on Job Growth

Labor Secretary Bullish on Job Growth(NEW YORK) -- Secretary of Labor Hilda Solis, who's been on the job for four years, marked Labor Day with an appearance at a labor-themed picnic in Ohio, one of the states President Obama needs to carry if Solis is to have any shot at continuing her current position.

With the economy still experiencing slow growth and the unemployment rate across the U.S. averaging over 8 percent for 43 months, Solis prefers to look at what's gone right during the Obama administration, especially with the Democratic National Convention starting on Tuesday.

She told ABC News, "In the last 29 months, we've seen private sector job growth grow to about 4.5 million jobs.  And this year alone we've already seen one million jobs created so far.  So we need to do better, absolutely, but we need the cooperation from our friends on the Hill and Congress and in the Senate to work with us."

As for what Americans can do to improve their chances at finding a job, Solis contends employers "are looking for people who will have credentials, who are technicians, that have soft skills, that are flexible individuals that can come in to the job market right away.  But the basis for that training has to be through a certificated program."

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