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Maine struggles to find snowplow drivers as winter weather bears down on state

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- In Maine, one of the hardest jobs to fill is one that is quite necessary as the state enters winter months: clearing the roads.

The Wall Street Journal reports the state is struggling to find snowplow drivers to clear the roads during snow storms. According to the Wall Street Journal, Maine's Department of Transportation lists around 50 openings as the state anticipates snow from mid-November to as late as mid-April.

The paper's report cites cities sush as Portland hiring its own drivers and offering higher rates, demand for more experienced drivers among the private sector, and a shortage of workers as reasons for the struggle to fill jobs.

The report notes Maine's unemployment is just 3.5%, one of the lowest rates of any state in the country as of October.

The Wall Street Journal additionally describes snow plowing as a demanding job that consists of extended shifts and limited financial reward.

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