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New UK Website Customizes Cadbury Bars

Cadbury UK(LONDON) -- Wishing your chocolate Valentine's Day gift could really say something? It can if you live in the U.K., thanks to Cadbury's new website, Joyville Made.

The site lets you personalize the wrapping on your candy bar, starting by selecting the size of your bar, either the 40 chunk or 64 chunk version. The smaller bar costs 5.25 pounds ($8.00) and the larger bar costs 7.23 pounds ($11.00). An additional cost of delivery ranges from 3.95 to 5.50 pounds ($6-$8). The pricier delivery option lets you choose a specific date starting on Monday, February 11.

Once a bar is selected you can add a tag with your name and who the gift is for, a photo and a short 10-letter note on the front.

The site also lets you create a web card that can include a special message complete with a YouTube video and Facebook photo album.

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