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Pentagon Stops Work on Jet Engine, Calls It 'Waste of Money'

General Electric(WASHINGTON) -- The Pentagon has issued a stop work order for a controversial second engine for a futuristic jet fighter, calling the engine, which has already cost billions, a "waste of taxpayer money" – but General Electric has vowed to press forward with development using its own funds.

The Joint Strike Fighter already has an engine, developed by Pratt-Whitney. In a statement, the Department of Defense cited its own opposition as well as opposition from President Obama as reasons to stop work on the alternate engine, which is being built at a GE plant outside Cincinnati: "In our view, it is a waste of taxpayer money that can be used to fund higher Departmental priorities and should be ended now."

The statement also cited the House of Representatives' recent vote to eliminate funding for the engine as a reason to halt work. "In light of these recent events, Congressional prerogatives, and the administration's view of the program, we have concluded that a stop work order is now the correct course," it said.

The stop work order is in effect for 90 days, "pending final resolution of the program."

In a statement posted on its corporate website, GE accused the Department of Defense of taking "unilateral action before Congress has completed its work on the fiscal year 2011 budget" and said, "We will not walk away from a $3 billion taxpayer investment."

"We are not deterred by this decision," said the statement. "We feel so strongly about this issue, as do our Congressional supporters, that we will, consistent with the stop work directive, self-fund the F136 program through this 90-day stop work period."

GE has taken a never-say-die approach to the engine. GE chairman Jeffrey Immelt wrote a note to aviation workers after the February House vote to stop funding that said, "GE will continue to press our case in the U.S. Senate and elsewhere."

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