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Professional food Instagrammer shares his top tips

ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A professional food Instagrammer, who works directly with restaurants to make their dishes more shareable on social media, opened up about his top tips for taking food photos in an interview with "Good Morning America."

Dillon Burke, 27, the co-founder of "Front of House," a digital branding and marketing firm that helps restaurants market their food on social media, told ABC News that Instagramming food is "a real business."

Burke, who has a background in photography, added that "almost all" restaurants are working to make their food more shareable on social media in some way.

"We're now in this space where hashtags come to play, and location tags," Burke said, adding that his business enters the equation because "if you're running a restaurant, you probably don't have time" to manage social media handles as well.

"You eat with your eyes first. When the food comes out, you look at it. If something looks like junk, it affects the way you taste it," Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit magazine told ABC News. "Instagram has taken that, and pumped it up, to make it look good."

Yvan Lemoine, the executive chef at Union Fare, a restaurant in New York City, told ABC News that he credits Burke with causing a major boon in business, after Burke made their birthday cake croissant go viral.

Burke told ABC News that the secret to a perfect food post on Instagram is to "take your time."

Burke said you shouldn't use zoom because the photo will be pixelated. "If you want the best image, shoot it, then crop inwards."

Burke said the biggest mistake people make when photographing food is using the wrong light.

"You need natural light," Burke said. "You have to pay attention to where the light source is from."

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