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Sandwich Wars: McDonald’s vs. Subway

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- McDonald’s is trying to take a bite out of Subway’s sales with their new wrap sandwich launching next month.

According to an internal company memo obtained by Advertising Age, McDonald’s is targeting a younger audience with a full-size McWrap they’re calling a “Subway buster.”

The memo said that McDonald’s “is currently not in the top 10 of millennials’ (customers primarily ages 18-32) favorite restaurants.”

The memo also states that the McWrap offers customization features that the millennial customer expects.

“Millennials are probably the most highly informed generation that there’s ever been.  We are dealing with a generation that’s more concerned about their health, more concerned about food quality, and they really like choice and customatizion, so the key for McDonald’s is to satisfy all those requirements,” Abbey Klaassen, editor-in-chief of Ad Age, told ABC News.

Even the restaurant’s slogans are similar.  Subway says “eat fresh” while McDonald’s new campaign tells customers to “unwrap a fresh feast.”

In response to the memo, the company told ABC News that “millennials have and will continue to be an important audience for us at McDonald’s.”

McDonald’s has been serving the McWraps for a while now in a smaller snack size.  Next month, they will also launch an egg white McMuffin for health-conscious diners.

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