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Slim Praise for Airlines' New Seats

hxdyl/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The airlines' "slimline" seats are definitely not a hit with their passengers, according to a TripAdvisor survey.

While carriers prefer them because the seats mean stuffing more passengers onto a plane, it's very clear that those paying for tickets aren't satisfied with this new accommodation.

Although a poll of nearly 1,400 people found that half-of respondents weren't sure if they even sat in a slimline seat, 83 percent of those who knew they had said that traditional seats were more comfortable.

The slimline seats enable carriers to squeeze up to six more people on a plane. Yet, even though the padding is slimmer, the airlines claim the ride is more comfy.

Delta Airlines said its surveys show customers like the slimline seats and faulted the TripAdvisor poll because it never specified carriers.

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