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Survey says some employees still 'Scrooge-y' when it comes to holiday vacation  

iStock/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Looking forward to taking some time off for the holidays?  

Yeah, neither are a lot of people.  

A new survey from the staffing firm Robert Half reports that American workers aren't taking it too easy, even as the holidays approach.

The poll of more than a thousand workers report just 18 percent said they're taking off the week of Dec. 25.

Sixty-seven percent of those polled said they'll take part of that week off. However, of those, 64 percent confessed they'll check in with the old grind while away.

A separate survey from the firm, polling some 2,700 people in 27 major cities, revealed that 35 percent of them will leave unused vacation days on the table.

Here were the reasons they gave:

- Saving the time for something later -- 43 percent
- Too much work to do -- 21 percent
- No money to go on vacation -- 15 percent
- Feel guilty taking the time off -- 9 percent
- Other -- 9 percent
- Boss discourages me from taking time off -- 3 percent

Here are the highlights of the survey of 27 cities:

- New York City ranks No. 1 for planning to use all vacation days, with some 80 percent of those polled saying they're burning their days.
- Seattle employees top the lot -- at 61 percent -- for workers saving their vacation for a later date.
- Thirty-two percent of workers in Chicago said they're too busy to take time off.
- Workers in Phoenix were most likely, at 12 percent, to say their bosses don't want them taking vacation.
- Cincinnati workers said they feel the most guilty, at 19 percent, about taking vacation time.
- At 28 percent, employees in Miami top the list of those who said they don't have enough money for vacation.

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