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J.K. Rowling to Write New Book for Adults

Jon Furniss/WireImage(LONDON) -- J.K. Rowling, the author of the much-celebrated and best-selling Harry Potter book series, announced Thursday that she will return to writing, this time for adults.

Rowling, who’s massively popular Potter series has sold roughly 450 million copies worldwide, announced that she has reached an agreement with publisher Little, Brown and Company. The details of the agreement, including the name, release date and plot of the novel, were not announced.

The deal marks a change in publisher for Rowling, who had previously found success working with Bloomsbury in the U.K. and Scholastic in the United States.

“Although I’ve enjoyed writing it every bit as much, my next book will be very different to the Harry Potter series, which has been published so brilliantly by Bloomsbury and my other publishers around the world,” Rowling said in a statement released by Little, Brown. “The freedom to explore new territory is a gift that Harry’s success has brought me, and with that new territory it seemed a logical progression to have a new publisher. I am delighted to have a second publishing home in Little, Brown, and a publishing team that will be a great partner in this new phase of my writing life.”

Both Scholastic and Bloomsbury noted their relationships with Rowling remained strong and that they would continue to publish her children’s books, including the Potter series.

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Age Gap Widens Dramatically in Economic Well-Being, Study Finds

Adam Gault/Thinkstock(WASHINGTON) -- The rich aren’t just getting richer, but wealthy older Americans are noticeably better off than their counterparts from three decades ago in several areas like income, employment, home ownership and housing values.

A new study from Pew Research Center analyzed the economic well-being of current older and younger adults to those in the past and found that the age-based wealth gap sky-rocketed 47:1 in 2009 compared to 10:1 in 1984.

In 2009, the median net worth of households headed by adults aged 65 and older was 42 percent more than the same age group in 1984.  In contrast, the net worth of households headed by an adult under 35 in 2009 was 68 percent less than the same age group in 1984.

“These age-based gaps widened significantly during the sour economy of recent years, but all key trends are several decades old, indicating that they are also linked to long-term demographic, social and economic changes that have affected different age groups in different ways,” Pew said in a statement.

These changes include structural changes in the labor and housing markets, delayed marriage and retirement, and the changing racial and ethnic composition of the population.

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