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Just Like Beer, Scotch Gets Canned

Scottish Spirits Imports Inc. has introduced Scotch whiskey in a can. "Scotch in a Can" contains eight shots (12 ounces). www[dot]scottishspirits[dot]com(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Just when the controversy over the banned FourLoko has died down, a beverage company has come out with straight Scotch in a can, just like soda pop.

Though there’s been no uproar so far, as was the case with the alcohol-caffeine combo FourLoko, Scottish Spirits’ “Scotch in a Can” is being marketed as a “distilled and matured in Scotland for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks.”  It has notes of “honey, vanilla, butterscotch, apples and pears,” and a “hint of peat and smoke in the background,” as described on their site.

Each can contains about eight shots or 12 ounces of 80-proof Scotch.  The cans are re-sealable, as the company does not endorse drinking a whole can in one sitting.

Monique Force, a spokesperson for Scottish Spirits Imports, says the product was created from “the need for convenience factor: people can take this boating, poolside, or to a football tailgating party without bringing a glass bottle.”

Force says they are “in the process of getting distributors within the next couple months” and that “Scotch in a Can” will be available nationwide.  One can of scotch has a suggested retail price of $5.00.

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Coca-Cola to Raise Soft Drink Prices Next Month

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images(ATLANTA) -- Coke drinkers can soon expect to pay more.  The Coca-Cola company plans to increase prices on its soft drinks by three to four percent at the end of July.

Beverage Digest first reported the price increase, which will vary depending on the brands and packages, but Coca-Cola confirmed the news Friday.

A company spokesman said Friday that the increase is to keep pace with the rising costs of commodities.

The price change will take effect July 31.

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