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Florida Bomb Shelter for Sale as ‘Ultimate Man Cave’

Coldwell Banker Commercial Schlitt Murphy(FT. PIERCE, Fla.) -- A relic of the 1960s Cold War nuclear scare is a real life bomb shelter in Ft. Pierce, Fla. It’s recently gone up for sale and could be all yours for just $499,500.

Real estate broker Hoyt Murphy thinks there’s a good chance the listing will eventually be sold as a repurposing project. “We’ve called it the ultimate man cave,” Murphy told ABC News, though he admits it would likely take a “pretty creative person with some pretty deep pockets” to take on the remodeling.

The structure is located alongside the Florida Turnpike and was originally built by AT&T in 1967 to serve for shelter and to maintain communications in the case of any catastrophic event. It was built with the Cuban Missile Crisis, just 100 miles away, a fresh memory.

In the mid-1980s, AT&T decommissioned the shelter. It was sold to a group of Florida investors in 2005 and they’ve just put it up for sale.

Murphy said the 7,700 square foot, partially above ground bunker has 30 inch thick concrete walls and is by far the most unique property he’s handled in his 30 years in the business. “You mow your roof with a tractor… You could even build another house on top of it,” said Murphy.

But there has been some interest in the listing. Murphy said one group, the South Florida Survivalist Network, came to take a look at the shelter. Another contacted him about possibly using the structure for antique car storage. After six months on the market, Murphy said the word is only just starting to get out.

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