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GM: 'Cadillac Is Back'

Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images(DETROIT) -- General Motors reported Monday that its iconic luxury car brand is enjoying a bit of a comeback. So far this year, Cadillac sales have increased 38 percent, the biggest such jump since 1976.

“Cadillac is back,”  Vice President of Global Cadillac Bob Ferguson said in a statement Monday morning.

GM says the ATS sports sedan has been instrumental in the sales surge. GM has been making new efforts to push its luxury brand.  For instance the car was recently featured on the cover of Bergdorf Goodman magazine.

“Cadillac is growing faster than it has in almost 40 years, the pickup rebound is in full swing and we’re seeing strong retail demand for our crossovers” said Kurt McNeil, GM’s vice president of U.S. sales operations, in a statement. “These are all powerful signs that the gradual recovery in the economy is becoming more broad-based. That’s great news for the auto industry and General Motors.”

Cadillac still has a ways to go though to reclaim its glory days. Sales in 1976 were 135,258 compared with 63,000 Cadillac sales so far this year. Overall, GM sold 2.59 million cars last year -- compared with 5 million in 1999.

For all its different brands combined, GM says May was its best sales month since September 2008.

Car sales, much like housing, have been showing a strong rebound in the otherwise slow economic recovery.

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Coming Soon: An iPad in Your Car's Center Console?

Alex Stone/ABC News(LOS ANGELES) -- The next car you drive could have a major high-tech upgrade.

The big automakers are giving people a preview of the technological advances they have in the works at the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opened to the public on Friday.

While eco-friendly cars are still popular, they say consumer demand for high-tech vehicles is even bigger.

“They want voice activated controls and they want to be able to customize the interior of their car like they would their tablet device,” says Jim Farley, vice president of sales at Ford.

Ford, General Motors and Toyota have flashy new systems they hope will attract buyers.

At Cadillac, which is owned by GM, engineers have designed a new system called Cue that is equivalent to putting an Apple iPad into the center console of their vehicles.  Drivers can move from screen to screen with the slide of a finger, and the pinch and stretch features popular on the iPad can be used to move maps in the car navigation system.

“We’ve really taken the interface that people are used to using in their everyday consumer electronic products like tablets and brought that user experience into the automotive space,” Stuart Norris, the engineer behind Cadillac’s Cue System, told ABC News Radio.

Toyota’s new system for its cars, premiering in the Camry, will allow users to use their center console screen to make dinner reservations on Open Table or buy tickets.  Apps will be downloaded and available much like they are on an iPhone and stored on the computer system within the car.

At Ford, the automaker is updating its MyFordTouch system, which has been criticized recently by some drivers who have become more accustomed to newer systems for being hard to use or finicky.

“We’re making it simpler, faster to respond and easier to use,” explains Alan Hall, an engineer on MyFordTouch.  “It launches on the new 2013 Escape, and Edge, and Flex.”

Current owners won’t have to take their Ford to a dealer to get updated.  Instead, Ford will be mailing USB drives to current owners of their compatible vehicles so they can update their MyFordTouch system themselves.

There are critics who believe giving drivers too much information and access to services like the Internet while driving is not a good thing.  TrueCar Vice President Jesse Toprak says automakers are walking a very fine line right now of giving customers what they want without giving them too much, such that it will distract their attention from the road.

“How badly do you need to check your Facebook updates while you’re driving?  Can’t you wait until you get home?” asks Toprak.

He also sees the other side of the issue, and says if car companies don’t offer the technology in their vehicles, drivers will seek it out on their phones anyway.

Most of the new iPad-like systems will be launching in the 2013 model year vehicles.

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GM Recalls CTS Models, Potential Problems with Airbag Deployment

Photo Courtesy -- General Motors(DETROIT) – General Motors has announced the recall of around 190,000 Cadillac CTS models due to a manufacturing issue that could keep the passenger airbag from deploying.

GM said the problem is with a sensor in the front passenger presence system in the 2005-2007 CTS models. The sensor is meant to tell the airbag when to deploy.

Dealers will replace the system in affected vehicles for free. No injuries have been reported as a result of the issue.

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