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A Third of Workers Lie About Being Sick, Survey Finds

Pixland/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Having a job these days is a valued commodity, but important or not, workers will occasionally call in sick whether they’re feeling lousy or just need that proverbial “mental health day.”

CareerBuilder’s survey of nearly 4,000 people reveals that in about a third of the cases over the past year, employees called in sick when they really weren’t ill.  Some of the real reasons for skipping work were pretty mundane, such as wanting to catch up on sleep, listed by 16 percent of the hooky players.

However, the excuses can also be pretty creative or pretty lame depending on your perspective, according to CareerBuilder, which also interviewed nearly 2,500 hiring managers and human resource professionals.  Those excuses include:

  • "Employee was upset after watching The Hunger Games."
  • "Employee's dead grandmother was being exhumed for a police investigation."
  • "Employee's hair turned orange from dying her hair at home."

In any case, employers can be pretty understanding up to a point since workers’ absences can also put a burden on their associates.

It’s not so surprising to learn then that three in ten bosses will check up on people to make sure they really are sick by either calling an employee at home or asking for a doctor’s note.

Meanwhile, the most popular month of the year to skip out on work is December since it’s not only traditionally the height of flu season but also when people go out to do their holiday shopping.

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Outrageous Excuses for Missing Work

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- The country’s weak economy has more people using bogus excuses to get out of work, according to a new survey commissioned by

The survey said 27 percent of supervisors have seen an increase in people using excuses to get out of work, a trend they say is caused by stress and burnout from the down economy. Twenty-nine percent of workers surveyed admitted to having called in sick at least once this year when they weren’t.

The survey asked bosses for the most unusual excuses employees have given for missing work.  Here are some highlights:

* Employee said a chicken attacked his mom.

* Employee's finger was stuck in a bowling ball.

* Employee had a hair transplant gone bad.

* Employee said a cow broke into her house and she had to wait for the insurance man.

* Employee said he wasn't feeling too clever that day.

* Employee called in the day after Thanksgiving because she burned her mouth on a pumpkin pie.

* Employee was in a boat on Lake Erie, ran out of gas and the Coast Guard towed him to the Canadian side.

Some of the most common reasons for calling in with a bogus excuse?  “Just not feeling like going to work” was the numbe- one reason, followed by “just needing to relax” and “catching up on sleep.” 

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