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McDonald's Will Start Showing Calorie Content Next Week

Tim Boyle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Next week, McDonald's will become the largest fast-food chain in America to start displaying the calorie contents of its food items.

The company may be doing consumers' diet a favor, but there's another motive: the restaurant simply wants to get a jump start on federal menu-labeling requirements.

In any case, the chain's loyal fans may be interested to learn when they start seeing this information in front of their faces that the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese boasts 750 calories, while the favorite Big Mac is a mere 550.

But both have a ways to go to top McDonald's biggest calorie food item.  It's one that people often start their day with: the Big breakfast with hotcakes and large biscuit, a whopping 1,150 calories.

Eat two of those in one sitting and you've come close to the maximum calorie recommendation for the average U.S. male per day.

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