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Just Like Beer, Scotch Gets Canned

Scottish Spirits Imports Inc. has introduced Scotch whiskey in a can. "Scotch in a Can" contains eight shots (12 ounces). www[dot]scottishspirits[dot]com(ORLANDO, Fla.) -- Just when the controversy over the banned FourLoko has died down, a beverage company has come out with straight Scotch in a can, just like soda pop.

Though there’s been no uproar so far, as was the case with the alcohol-caffeine combo FourLoko, Scottish Spirits’ “Scotch in a Can” is being marketed as a “distilled and matured in Scotland for a minimum of 3 years in oak casks.”  It has notes of “honey, vanilla, butterscotch, apples and pears,” and a “hint of peat and smoke in the background,” as described on their site.

Each can contains about eight shots or 12 ounces of 80-proof Scotch.  The cans are re-sealable, as the company does not endorse drinking a whole can in one sitting.

Monique Force, a spokesperson for Scottish Spirits Imports, says the product was created from “the need for convenience factor: people can take this boating, poolside, or to a football tailgating party without bringing a glass bottle.”

Force says they are “in the process of getting distributors within the next couple months” and that “Scotch in a Can” will be available nationwide.  One can of scotch has a suggested retail price of $5.00.

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