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Frontier Airlines Will Charge Some Customers for Carry-Ons, Soft Drinks 

Frontier Airlines(DENVER) -- Another domestic airline will charge passengers for carry-on bags.

Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced Wednesday it would begin charging passengers who book tickets on third-party web sites -- such as Expedia and Orbitz -- for bringing their bags onboard the flight. Passengers who purchase tickets on Frontier's web site will incur no additional charge for a carry-on bag.

The cost of a carry-on for passengers booking on third-party sites is $25 to $100. The fees will go into effect this summer, the carrier said, with the date to be announced soon.

All customers are allowed one free personal item, such as a briefcase or purse. The personal item must fit under the seat.

The move to charge passengers for carry-on bags mimics that of Spirit Airlines, previously the only domestic carrier to charge for carry-on bags. The carrier also charges between $25 and $100 for a carry-on; however, the charge extends to all passengers regardless of where the ticket is booked.

"Frontier's most loyal customers have made it very clear that finding overhead bin space for carry-on bags has become unacceptably difficult. In response, Frontier will be introducing a charge for carry-on bags for customers buying Basic fares through third party sites," the carrier said.

The move is designed to incentivize customers to book directly with the airline. Every time a passenger books through a third-party site, the carrier has to pay a commission to the agency. But enticing customers to book directly with the airline also makes comparison shopping more difficult for the consumer. Frontier has been a leader in this fight, announcing in September only passengers who book directly with the airline are able to reserve seats in advance.

Frontier will also begin charging $1.99 for coffee, tea, soda and juice on July 1. This fee applies to all passengers.

Spirit Airlines also charges for soft drinks. In 2009, US Airways implemented a $2 charge for soft drinks, a move that was quickly rescinded because of its unpopularity with customers.

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Third Airline Adds Carry-On Bag Fee

NIKOLAY DOYCHINOV/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- In a trend that seems to be getting more expensive for air travelers, a third airline has decided to charge for carry-on bags.

The airline, Wizz, is a low-cost carrier based at London’s Luton Airport.  As of Oct. 24, the only free carry-on allowed is a bag that can fit under the seat in front of you.  Anything larger will cost 10 euros, or about $13.

The airline’s website said the reason for the change was to ”encourage passengers to bring smaller baggage on board and make the boarding process smoother and faster.”

The carrier flies from London to Central and Eastern Europe.

Wizz’s policy is similar to that of U.S.-carrier Spirit Airlines.  The carrier also charges for carry-on luggage.  The cost as of Nov. 6 is as much as $100 each way, depending how far in advance the passenger pays.  (Passengers who do not pay prior to boarding the flight will be subject to the $100 charge).

Allegiant Airlines, also a Las Vegas-based carrier, began charging for carry-on bags in April.  The cost is $10 to $30 and is route-specific.

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Airline Fees: Charges for Carry-Ons, Pillows, Water, Once Included, Now New Revenue

ICHIRO/Digital Vision(NEW YORK) -- The doors to a Boeing 777 used to be the gateway to adventure.  Now, when you get on a plane, it's more like the moment of truth -- for your wallet.

Airlines are adding on fees for almost everything, including amenities that were once complimentary.  So just how much is that flight you thought you paid for already really going to cost you?  By the end of your trip, you could spend hundreds more than you expected to.

Delta and other airlines are now charging around $6 to watch an in-flight movie.  Spirit Airways charges $3 for a bottle of water.  Allegiant Air charges between $4.99 and $24.99 for passengers to choose their own seat and between $17 and $25 for a pillow and a blanket.  And just last month, Allegiant announced it will start charging between $10 and $30 for passengers to have the privilege of storing carry-on bags in the overhead compartments.

But that cost is not quite as high as Spirit's carry-on price of $20 to $40.  The carrier has been charging for carry-on bags since 2010.  So which airline is going to be next?

"We're probably a few years away from other airlines following what Allegiant has done, but honestly, we're probably not that far off," said Sean Williams of Motley Fool, a financial services company.  "I think a lot of the airlines aren't going to have much of a choice to do this.  Many of them are losing money hand-over-fist if these fees aren't there."

A key reason people started to switch to carry-on was to avoid baggage charges that have also crept up in price in recent years.  On United, passengers will pay $100 for a third checked bag on an overseas flight, while Delta is charging $135 and American Airlines is charging $150.

Lately there is even the "book your seat" fee, an extra per seat charge at the time of booking on some section of some airlines to avoid the middle seat, or just to make sure you and your spouse are sitting next to each other.

In total, the airline industry brought in $2.6 billion in revenue during the first three-quarters of 2011 through these add-on fees.  Williams said Delta has brought in $656 million in just baggage fee revenue alone.

"They also are the leading airline when it comes to change-ticket fees," he said.

This seems bad for business, so why do the airlines do it?

"[The airlines] have no choice but to put out all these extra fees because they'd be losing money otherwise," Williams said.  "Between the added cost of planes, which just continue to be more expensive... they really have no choice."

One of the greatest costs to the airlines is the price of fuel.  Delta has considered buying their own refinery so that the airline can make its own fuel.

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A Carry-On Will Cost as Much as $100 On Spirit

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Spirit Airlines is at it again. Almost two years after becoming the first United States carrier to charge for carry-on bags, the airline is more than doubling that fee for certain passengers.

Starting Nov. 6, passengers who wait until they arrive at the gate to pay for their carry-on will pay $100 each way, the airline said. The current price is $45.

The new fee applies to both domestic and international flights.

Passengers who plan ahead can save significantly. A carry-on bag that’s paid for at booking will cost $35 (up from $30) and a carry-on paid for during online check in will cost $40 (up from $35).

There are fluctuations in some of the airline’s other fees, as well.

A carry-on is defined as any bag that needs to go in the overhead bin. Small items that can fit under the seat in front of you are free of charge.

The fee increase is sure to cause controversy, but Spirit’s no stranger to that.  In April 2012, the airline had to pull an ad for flights to Colombia that spoofed the Secret Service prostitution scandal called, “More Bang for Your Buck.”

Being the carrier known for fees is paying off for Spirit. In the first quarter of 2012 financial results reported Tuesday, the airline announced its total operating revenue was $301.5 million, an increase of $68.8 million, or 29.6 percent, compared to first quarter of 2011.

Spirit is one of two domestic carriers that charge for carry-on bags. The other is Allegiant Air, which instituted a fee last month. On that carrier, a carry-on costs as much as $35.

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Allegiant Airlines to Charge for Carry-Ons

Comstock/Thinkstock(LAS VEGAS) -- Move over Spirit Airlines -- there’s another low-cost carrier about to make serious money off passengers’ carry-on baggage.

Las Vegas-based Allegiant Air confirmed to ABC News it will begin charging as much as $35 for carry-on bags for reservations made starting April 4. Reservations made prior to this date will not be affected.

Allegiant Air will be the second domestic airline to charge for carry-on baggage. The move mimics that of Spirit Airlines' 2010 fee charging passengers up to $45 for carry-on bags.

Passengers who pay online and in advance for carry-on bags on Allegiant will pay $10 to $30 for their carry-ons. The prices are route-specific. This, too, is similar to the Spirit Airlines carry-on bag fee; for example, a person could pay as little as $20 for the carry-on bag if they’re a member of the airline’s $9 fare club and payment is made at time of booking.

Passengers on Allegiant will be allowed one personal item such as a purse or laptop bag free of charge. Anything larger, however, will incur the fee.

When Spirit Airlines made its carry-on fee announcement, it was met with outrage from the traveling public. But today, it seems the airline’s low fares have trumped the anger first felt. Spirit tells ABC News, “Our carry-on bag program has been a huge success and well received by customers and our crew members.  It has reduced the number of carry-on bags, which in turn has led to speedier, smoother and safer boarding and deplaning.”

Allegiant Airlines, which was already charging for checked bags, has profited in a time when many companies have struggled. The 2011 fourth-quarter earnings report noted it was the airline’s 36th consecutive quarter of profitability. The airline reported a 10-percent increase in total fares compared with Q4 2010 and a 20-percent increase in total operating revenue.

See where Allegiant flies.

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