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Spirit Airlines Cartagena Sale: ‘More Bang for Your Buck!’

Joe Raedle/Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Leave it to Spirit Airlines. Known for coming up with memorable and risqué ways to capitalize on news headlines, the airline is this time promoting a sale on fares to Cartagena, Colombia, named -- wait for it -- "More Bang For Your Buck."

Cartagena, in case you’ve been out of town, is where a group of Secret Service agents got themselves into hot water over allegedly cavorting with prostitutes (and refusing to pay at least one) before President Obama’s state visit last week.

But Spirit only flies to Cartagena from Fort Lauderdale. Not only that, the airline does not even specify on the sale page how much it actually costs to fly between the cities. It does tell us, however, that travelers can fly to plenty of other cities for as little as $19.80 one-way.

This is not the first time Spirit has marketed an attention-getting deal of questionable taste. 2011′s Anthony Weiner scandal prompted Spirit to launch “The Weiner Sale, With Fares Too Hard to Resist.” There was also the "M.I.L.F." sale (Many Islands, Low Fares) and the sale timed with the nomination of Sonia Sotomayor to the Supreme Court: “Justice Ochita Suprema Ruling against high fares. Fares as low as $8 each way!”

After the oil spill in the gulf, Spirit’s “Check Out the Oil on Our Beaches,” offended some, as did a few other suggestive deals.

One more note on the Cartagena sale: You must pay before you fly.

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Obama Says U.S. "Equal Partners" with Latin American Counterparts

Cris Bouroncle/AFP/Getty Images(NEW YORK) – President Barack Obama told Latin American leaders that the United States is excited about the possibilities of working as “equal partners” with those in Latin America and the Caribbean, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Speaking at the Summit of the Americas in Cartagena, Colombia on Saturday, Obama stressed the need for democracy and the rule of law as crucial elements needed to expand economies.

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