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Delta, United Airlines Hike Domestic Fares

Photo Courtesy - Delta Airlines(NEW YORK) -- A proprietary airfare processing system used by FareCompare detected "significant domestic airfare hike activity" Monday afternoon from both Delta and United Airlines on the majority of their respective route systems, according to the airfare shopping website. 

Delta's domestic ticket prices increased by up to $20 roundtrip, while United raised domestic prices by up to $10 roundtrip.

FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney said "usually one airline leads out on a domestic hike with others deciding to match in the following 36 hours."  Seaney said Delta or United will have to adjust their hike to be in line with one another due to the recessionary competitive rule that says an airline's price hike can never be $1 more or less than their competitor's.

This fare hike is the second in 2011 and the fourth since mid-December 2010.

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Delta to Take Bids for Bumping

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(ATLANTA) -- Next time you're on an overbooked Delta flight, you might be forced to bid to get bumped. 

Full flights will now turn into an auction of sorts as Delta is telling customers to name their price to get bumped.  When you check into a full flight, the computer will now ask if you're willing to be bumped and how much it's worth to you.

Delta admits it will take the lowest bids first, instead of handing out a standard amount to anyone who's bumped on one flight, and they'll choose passengers who offer to take the least amount of compensation.

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Delta Hiring 1,000 Flight Attendants; Over 100,000 Have Applied

Photo Courtesy - Delta Airlines(ATLANTA) -- Delta Air Lines is having what might possibly be the most-popular job search in a long time. More than 100,000 people have applied for just 1,000 openings as flight attendants.

Part of the reason behind the huge turnout might be the nation's persistently high unemployment rate, but the airline says that a lot of people just want to fly.

"I realized that I didn't want to be in an office 9 to 5," said Jordan Leonard, a flight attendant who has worked 20 years for Delta and now also helps with hiring.  "I'm about to go all around the world; Europe, South America, Asia.  You name it, I've probably been there."

And it's exactly that international focus that Delta is seeking.

U.S. airlines have finally returned to profitability, in part by cutting flights.  Some of those flights are returning now but more importantly Delta is making an aggressive push into new, more-lucrative international routes.  And that's really where most of these 1,000 new flight attendant jobs come in.

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Google to Provide In-Flight Internet for Holiday Air Travel

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- Google Chrome, Google’s Web browser team, on Monday announced plans to team up with AirTran, Delta and Virgin America Airlines to provide passengers with a new service for holiday travel called Gogo Inflight Internet.

Gogo will allow flight passengers to access free Wi-Fi service while traveling on domestic flights during the holiday travel season.

Travelers flying on AirTran, Delta or Virgin America will be able to utilize the service between November 20, 2010 and January 2, 2011.

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Delta Rejects "Avoid Bag Fees" Ad

Photo Courtesy - Delta Airlines(ATLANTA) -- The maker of a travel clothing line known for its ample number of pockets says Delta Air Lines censored and rejected one of his in-flight magazine ads that criticized the airline's baggage fees.

Scott Jordan, CEO of ScotteVest, recently ran an ad in the New York Times Travel Magazine for his 26-pocket jacket titled "The Most Stylish Way to Beat the System." Underneath, it said the jacket helps you stay organized and "avoid extra baggage fees."

Apparently, that was not appropriate for Delta, which said the full-page ad did not meet the creative standards of its Sky magazine. "Our discrepancy with this particular vendor was strictly based on creative standards. The submitted advertisement implied this product could help passengers avoid baggage fees, particularly for carry-on items," said Delta spokeswoman Heather Faulkner. "Delta Air Lines has no fees for any carry-on baggage, therefore this could be potentially misleading to our customers."

Faulkner said ScotteVest is welcome to advertise in Sky magazine if it provides an ad that accurately represents the airline's policies.

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Delta Shows Support For Breast Cancer Research With New "Pink Plane"

Photo Courtesy -- Delta Airlines | PRNewswire(ATLANTA) -- With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Delta Air Lines is showing its support with the debut of its new Boeing 767-400 signature "pink plane." 

Throughout October, the airline company will also donate 100 SkyMiles to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation each time a customer downloads the Delta iPhone application or uses the app to check in for flights, up to one million miles. 

Delta also said Thursday it will continue donating proceeds from in-flight pink lemonade and jelly bean sales.

“The personal impact breast cancer has had on me and so many of our customers, employees and families has motivated Delta to always give more in our support of The Breast Cancer Research Foundation,” said Delta CEO Richard Anderson.

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