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‘Anti-Christmas’ Retailer Gives Up on ‘Holidays?’

Photo Courtesy -- Getty Images(NEW YORK) – Under pressure from other retailers and various organizations, Dick’s Sporting Goods has given up on its use of the phrase “holidays” in place of “Christmas,” according to

The retailer, which had opted to embrace the spirit of the “holiday” season as opposed to “Christmas” when considering its advertising schemes, was put under pressure to change after the American Family Association encouraged all of its 2.3 million supporters to shun the sporting goods retailer.
"In our research of the Top 100 retailers in America, Dick's advertising is likely the most 'anti-Christmas' of all," read the alert sent out to AFA supporters.

"Sure, Dick's wants you to buy their products, but no retailer in the nation has appeared to go out of its way to snub 'Christmas' more than Dick's."

Dick’s was quick to respond to the AFA with a statement that said that changes to their marketing strategy were underway and that “Christmas” would become a major part of their advertising campaign by Nov. 28.

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