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Cabbage Patch Kids Go Presidential with Obamas, Romney, Biden, Ryan Dolls

Cabbage Patch Kids / Jakks Pacific Inc.(NEW YORK) -- Move over Barack Obama action figure, there’s a new presidential toy in town. Instead of bad-guy fighting plastic prowess, this Obama-inspired doll sports a soft suit, graying hair and the rounded baby face that can only come from the Cabbage Patch.

The Obama Cabbage Patch Kid, along with the similarly suited and smiling likenesses of Vice President Joe Biden and  GOP rivals Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, will be auctioned off on eBay the week before the election to raise money for charity.

While Cabbage Patch Kids, and its parent company Jakks Pacific Inc., have created presidential election-themed dolls for charity since 2004, this is the first year that a first lady is included in the Cabbage Patch candidate mix.

The Michelle Obama version of a Cabbage Patch Kid is as fashionable as the first lady, sporting a pink dress, thick black belt, cheetah-patterned purple blazer and black peep-toe pumps.

All five election-inspired dolls will be auctioned off on eBay Oct. 30 through Election Day on Nov. 6. But if history is any guide, the highest bidder will likely not be the highest vote-getter.

In the 2008 election, the Sarah Palin doll fetched more than four times the amount that her vice presidential rival Joe Biden’s was sold for, yet the Obama-Biden ticket took the most votes in the election.

Palin’s Cabbage Patch Kid was auctioned for $19,000. Biden’s went for $3,550. All together, the four dolls brought in about $37,000, all of which was donated to the Marine Toys for Tots.

In 2004, Republican incumbent president George W. Bush’s Cabbage Patch likeness sold for about $1,000 and his Democratic rival Sen. John Kerry’s doll was bought for $1,200. Those proceeds benefited the American Red Cross.

This year’s auction will benefit Rock the Vote. The presidential election dolls join the likes of celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres and Oprah, who are also represented in the cabbage patch.

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Is Toys 'R' Us Doll Swearing? Or Just Babbling?

You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls are available for sale from Toys "R" Us. ( YORK) -- A controversial set of baby dolls is prompting negative reviews on the Toys 'R' Us website from angry parents who say one of the tiny tots is uttering expletives.

The three dolls, sold as a set for $39.99, are programmed to cry, laugh and babble "dadada." But listen carefully to the one dressed in pink you'll hear a phrase that sounds like, "crazy b**ch."

The You & Me Interactive Play & Giggle Triplet Dolls, billed as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive for children ages 3 and up, has earned 2.1 stars out of 5 from online customers.

"Play with the dolls to hear them laugh and giggle," the website says. But some parents say one of the dolls does more than just laugh.

A "grandma to triplets" from Boise, Idaho, wrote, "The pink doll calls the other sister "You b!@#h". I am outraged these darling baby dolls in every other way, are sold by Toys R US."

One reviewer named Sue wrote, "I have a grandaughter but she won't be getting these. Return! It's time we stood up as decent people and boycotted this place."

When reached by ABC News, Toys 'R' Us spokeswoman Jennifer Albano said there are no plans to discontinue the doll trio or pull them from shelves.

"This doll is sold nationwide and we've received very few complaints about it," she said, adding that the complaints the store has received at the store's guest services department were "in the single digits."

"As with many talking baby dolls what you're hearing is baby babble," she said. "Of course we would never sell a doll that would say profanity."

Although Toys 'R' Us doesn't find the dolls to be problematic, customers who are unhappy and wish to return the doll may do so, Albano said. 

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