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Raise Your Glass...It’s Bartender Appreciation Day 

Steve Mason/Photodisc(NEW YORK) -- There’s Teacher Appreciation Day, Secretary Appreciation Day and even Squirrel Appreciation Day, but finally a company has recognized the value of a vital member of our society and proclaimed Friday, Dec. 9, the first-ever Bartender Appreciation Day.

The makers of Sailor Jerry Rum were so eager to recognize the efforts of bartenders everywhere, it commissioned a Harris Interactive survey to see how we tip those behind the bar.

  • A vast majority of Americans -- 76 percent to be exact -- think a bartender is more important than the décor of a bar.
  • Seventy-four percent of respondents who visit bars tip a bartender more than 15 percent.  And 74 percent also believe that the better they tip, the better service they will receive.
  • Respondents in the South are the most generous tippers, with 57 percent of those who visit a bar tipping a bartender 20 percent or more.
  • Sixty-three percent of female respondents who visit a bar find people who leave good tips for bartenders more appealing, while 60 percent of men find the same.
  • Forty-four percent of respondents who visit bars agree that they would never go out on another date with a person if they did not tip the bartender.  Broken down by gender, women lead the pack, with 51 percent saying they would not go on another date, with only 37 percent of men feeling the same way.
  • Men who visit bars are more likely than women to leave large tips of more than 20 percent.
  • Of all respondents who visit bars, people between the ages of 21-34 tip the highest with 61 percent tipping 16 percent or more, compared to only 47 percent of respondents over 45 years of age.

The Harris Interactive survey involved 2,078 adults.

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Chrysler Plant Workers in Michigan Caught Drinking Again

PRNewsFoto/Chrysler Group LLC, Jim Fets(TRENTON, Mich.) -- For the second time in 10 months, a group of Chrysler workers at a Michigan plant have been caught drinking during their lunch break.

Camera crews from WJBK, a Fox TV station in Detroit, caught images of workers at the automaker's Trenton plant drinking from 40-ounce beer bottles and smoking something crudely rolled into cigarette papers.

The workers were recorded on the grounds of a United Auto Workers union hall. Once identified, they face suspension without pay.

"Chrysler group has a strict employee code of conduct that will not tolerate or allow this behavior and because we take these allegations very seriously, those employees involved will be identified and then definitely suspended without pay, pending further investigation," said Chrysler spokesman Ed Garston.

This latest report follows an incident from last September when the same TV station captured video of employees at Chrysler's Jefferson plant in Detroit drinking during their lunch hour at a city park.

"It's unfortunate that the bad behavior of a few is calling into question the integrity and character of the rest who are working tirelessly to restore the reputation of this company," Garston said.

Chrysler and General Motors benefitted from an injection of tens of billions of taxpayer-funded dollars in a bailout authorized by the Obama administration in 2009.

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