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Tips for Saving Money on Airfare

Digital Vision/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- Looking for a deal on airfare?

A lot of people are wondering what the potential merger between American and US Airways would mean for their pocketbook. With this in mind, here are some tips on booking airfare you can follow that could save you money.

1. Book in Pairs 

When booking for a family or group, booking in pairs can help you avoid higher prices that many airlines charge for the convenience of sitting together.

2. Buy Your Tickets on Tuesday Afternoon

It turns out that airlines typically release their sale fares on Tuesdays at 3 p.m., making it a good time to secure those deals before they expire or are gobbled up by other sale-searching travelers.

3. Shop Around on Websites

When searching for the best prices on airfare, it is a good idea to look at multiple websites. has an “agony tab” that combines price, duration and number of stops so you can determine how painful your upcoming trip will be.  Sign up at and it will send you alerts if the rate falls before you book.

4. Book Directly with the Airline

Airlines often pay a $10 to $15 commission on flights that are booked through a discount site.  Because of this, airlines often encourage customers to book through their official websites by offering incentives like promo codes and deals posted on their Twitter and Facebook accounts.  Most airlines don’t publicize this, but many will give you a refund if the price of your flight goes down after booking. You just have to call them.

5. Be Flexible with Your Dates

Being flexible with your travel dates and searching nearby airports could save you lots of money.  Choosing a flight out of an airport near your first choice for a day earlier or later could help keep more money in your wallet.

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How to Avoid Rising Plane Fares and Fees

Creatas/Thinkstock(NEW YORK) -- The airline industry is looking to add new fees for travelers in response to the rising price of oil that has sent fuel costs soaring.  So how can consumers fight back against high fares and more costs?

"They have to be flexible.  Airlines love people that have to go on a certain day and a certain time," says Rick Seany, CEO of the travel website

Seany suggests travelers should "fly on Tuesday, Wednesday [or] Saturday, which are the cheapest days."

As for when to buy a ticket, "the best time to shop is Tuesday at 3:00 p.m. EST and be careful about shopping on the weekends," says Seany.  The cheapest fare may not be available by the end of the week -- some deals run out on Thursday.

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