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Frontier Airlines Will Charge Some Customers for Carry-Ons, Soft Drinks 

Frontier Airlines(DENVER) -- Another domestic airline will charge passengers for carry-on bags.

Denver-based Frontier Airlines announced Wednesday it would begin charging passengers who book tickets on third-party web sites -- such as Expedia and Orbitz -- for bringing their bags onboard the flight. Passengers who purchase tickets on Frontier's web site will incur no additional charge for a carry-on bag.

The cost of a carry-on for passengers booking on third-party sites is $25 to $100. The fees will go into effect this summer, the carrier said, with the date to be announced soon.

All customers are allowed one free personal item, such as a briefcase or purse. The personal item must fit under the seat.

The move to charge passengers for carry-on bags mimics that of Spirit Airlines, previously the only domestic carrier to charge for carry-on bags. The carrier also charges between $25 and $100 for a carry-on; however, the charge extends to all passengers regardless of where the ticket is booked.

"Frontier's most loyal customers have made it very clear that finding overhead bin space for carry-on bags has become unacceptably difficult. In response, Frontier will be introducing a charge for carry-on bags for customers buying Basic fares through third party sites," the carrier said.

The move is designed to incentivize customers to book directly with the airline. Every time a passenger books through a third-party site, the carrier has to pay a commission to the agency. But enticing customers to book directly with the airline also makes comparison shopping more difficult for the consumer. Frontier has been a leader in this fight, announcing in September only passengers who book directly with the airline are able to reserve seats in advance.

Frontier will also begin charging $1.99 for coffee, tea, soda and juice on July 1. This fee applies to all passengers.

Spirit Airlines also charges for soft drinks. In 2009, US Airways implemented a $2 charge for soft drinks, a move that was quickly rescinded because of its unpopularity with customers.

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Frontier Airlines Asks Public to Choose Next â€˜Spokesanimal’

Frontier Airlines(DENVER) -- Frontier Airlines has decided to let the public choose its next “spokesanimal.” The winner, to be announced at the end of April, will be the next animal to appear on a Frontier aircraft tail. Each of Frontier’s planes has a “spokesanimal” on its tail, with more than 60 in all.

Fans voting for their favorite candidate at will receive a special offer by email for a discount on future Frontier travel and will also be entered to win up to $2,500 in Frontier Fly Bucks. Fans can also visit Frontier’s Facebook page and enter to win a number of prizes, including the new iPad, Kindle Fire and Frontier Fly Bucks.

The 18 contenders in the running include:

  1. Doris the Chicken
  2. Vladimir the Bat
  3. Tina the Grebe
  4. Doug the Dung Beetle
  5. Enrique the Tree Frog
  6. Polly the Parrot
  7. Paula the Pig
  8. Ralph the Ram
  9. Alivina the Owl
  10. Samson the Sloth
  11. Melvin the Turtle
  12. Chloe the Chipmunk
  13. Cammie the Cow
  14. Joanne the Giraffe
  15. Fred the Walrus
  16. Duke the Arctic Dog
  17. Will & Hill the Prairie Dogs
  18. Mario the Lizard

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