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Georgetown Students Create Interview Question Site

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON DC) -- It was their junior year at Georgetown University and buddies Bradford "Chip" Malt and Sanjay Murti were stressed. They were preparing to enter the competitive job market and were having trouble balancing studying for job and internship interviews with their schoolwork. In trying to find a proverbial "easy button", they were having no luck.

So they created, the latest tool in helping job candidates prepare for interviews. It is a user-driven site that provides candidates questions and information concerning over 150 companies, including Google, Bank of America and Teach for America.

The site, which was launched in January, solicits "spies" to post questions that they have received during interviews as well as information that they think may be helpful for potential candidates. The site breaks companies down by individual department, and users can find and post questions regarding specific positions and even specific rounds of interviews. No registration is required and users can post anonymously.

Judy Nadler, Senior Fellow on Government Ethics at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics at Santa Clara University in California, said she worries sites like may pose some ethical dilemmas. "There may be some questions that could be proprietary and if they [the companies] are concerned that some of their information could get out, they may be less likely to conduct full and candid interviews."

She also worries that the anonymity that prides itself on could backfire for users. "It's sort of like 'Buyer Beware'. Because it is anonymous, there is a chance of inaccurate information being posted," said Nadler.

Companies are now seeing the benefit of these sites, figuring that the more prepared a candidate is, the better it will be for both the candidate and company. Bank of America (one of the companies listed on interviewspy) spokeswoman Ferris Morrison said "We look for candidates who understand the company. Any candidate who has done the work is going to be a stronger candidate."

To date, the site has had 978 visitors and close to 8,000 page views. The pair is looking into future expansion -- they want to add a way to critique resumes, allow for networking, and build their company database. But for now, they say that they need to work on maintaining site stability as well as focus on their own careers. Malt works for Barclay's Capital in New York while Murti is headed to Columbia Law School next year.

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