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What Kind of Things Could You Buy with the National Debt?

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(WASHINGTON) -- Despite a pledge by President Barack Obama on Monday to freeze federal spending for the next five years, the United States budget deficit will continue to grow. As it balloons to over $14 trillion, a bit of perspective can help put the debt into real terms for the average consumer. Using the figures provided by, here's how the national debt breaks down to more than $45,000 per citizen. That's up from just more than $20,000 per citizen back in 2000.

As for what these numbers mean in more tangible terms, the national debt could buy you 4,080,522,307 tickets to the Super Bowl at $3,676 per ticket. That means you could cover attendance for the next 56,674 Super Bowls if the venue held 72,000 people.

Speaking of football, Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver Hines Ward made $5,804,680 last season. If his salary remained stagnant, the national debt could fund his playing career for over two million more years. He may need the help if there's a lockout next season in the NFL.

Home foreclosures have been a huge problem ever since the economy collapsed, but if you had more than $14 billion, you could purchase 61 million homes at an average price of $242,000.

Not to put all your eggs in one basket, but you could see a lot of Lady Gaga shows if you had money equivalent to the amount of the national debt. StubHub says that Gaga's shows might have been a "little monster" on your credit card bill, ranking as the priciest act of 2010 with tickets coming in at an average of $407. You'd be able to buy 36,855,036,855 tickets to see her perform.

All things considered, it might be better to just keep your money in the bank.

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