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Workplace Game Changer? Website Lets You Rate Co-Workers

Courtesy - Getty Images(NEW YORK) -- You can already rate movies, restaurants and products online. Now, wants you to rate your co-workers too.

When it debuted earlier this year, some tech blogs were merciless with their criticism, calling it everything from a "clean, well-lighted place for defamation" to a "public bathroom wall for everyone on the planet" to "a completely evil social network."

The site is accessible to anyone with a Facebook account over the age of 21.

Detractors have said there is little to stop conversation on the website from descending into the hate-fests found on so many sites with anonymous comments.

But the site's founder, Peter Kazanjy, and others say in the months since its launch, the site has not only maintained a professional tone, it has become a resource for those looking to hire or build a business.

Kazanjy said his site is intended to be an online resource for those managing and researching professional reputations. It's not about what you might have done at a college party years ago, he said, but rather about a person's management style, productivity, integrity and relationships.

"Professional reputation resides in the brains of all your colleagues and co-workers, and it's very hard to access that," he told ABC News. "This is the place for productive conversation about this topic."

Using mechanisms similar to those that power review-sharing sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor and Amazon, Kazanjy said his site is trying to provide an honest and candid window into a person's professional identity.

Like the popular professional networking site LinkedIn, users can request reviews of themselves and provide reviews of co-workers or others in their industry. But the key -- and controversial -- difference is that all reviews are anonymous and users can't delete any reviews about themselves.

"At the end of the day, we think that people are good," he said. "We have seen [that] if you give them a platform where they can share their professional opinion, but they know there are incentives for good behavior and disincentives for bad behavior, then they don't engage in bad behavior and they engage in good behavior. And I think we anticipate seeing that pattern continue."

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