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Hotel Adds $99,000 Bed for ‘A-Lister’

File photo. Hastens Vividus(TORONTO) -- Celebrities are famous for their extremely specific requests when they’re on the road. Mariah Carey, for example, requests a $200 bottle of cabernet sauvignon, two dozen white roses and vanilla aromatherapy candles in her dressing room.

But one celebrity guest of a Toronto hotel, in town for the Toronto International Film Festival, seems less concerned with aromatherapy and more with getting a good night’s sleep -- very good night’s sleep.

The Hazelton Hotel said it received a request for an ultra luxurious, expensive bed. How expensive? $99,000. The hotel was happy to make it happen for their V.I.P.

The $99,000 gem is a Hastens Vividus bed. According to the company web site, each Vividus bed takes 140 to 160 hours to build and is made entirely by hand.  It’s made of “...different combinations of horsehair, cotton, flax and wool to find the perfect balance.”

While the hotel won’t reveal the name of the guest who requested the bed — or any guest for that matter — they do say it was one of the “more unusual requests” they’ve received.

“While we will never reveal which one of our A-List guests ordered the bed, we can tell you that the experience has a positive note, as we will be extending our relationship with Hastens to secure their products within our suite mix,” said David Mounteer, general manager of The Hazelton Hotel.

The hotel is a celebrity hotspot, especially during the ten-day film festival, taking place Sept 6 – 16 in 2012. Past hotel guests reportedly include Ben Affleck, Jon Hamm and Blake Lively.

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World's Tallest Hotel Gets Off the Ground in Hong Kong

ABC News(HONG KONG) -- If you ascend the shaded trails of Victoria Peak on Hong Kong Island, you will eventually find yourself gazing into the distance, eye-level with the third-highest roof in the world.

Dominating the relatively sedate West Kowloon skyline, on the opposite side of Victoria Harbour, is the tallest building in Hong Kong, the 1,588-foot International Commerce Centre, which finished construction in 2010.

For the complementary perspective, looking south, you'll have to visit the ICC's new rooftop bar at the brand new Ritz-Carlton Hong Kong, scheduled to open March 29.

Last week, as an army of construction and hospitality workers buzzed about, excitedly focused on opening day, Regional Vice President and General Manager Mark DeCocinis offered a tour of the luxury hotel, which occupies the top 16 floors of the 118-story tower.

"With the amazing hardware in place," DeCocinis said, "what is happening from now till the opening would be training, training and training."

Indeed, during the tour, test meals were being prepared and served, and groups of workers huddled together in strategy sessions, pausing to cheerfully proffer a "good afternoon" to DeCocinis as we strode past, dodging vacuum cords and wet paint.

DeCocinis mirrored the chipper eagerness of his staff, beaming like a proud father as he showed off the design touches in the hotel's fine dining facilities, which include Chinese Restaurant Tin Lung Heen, Italian restaurant Tosca and a chocolate-themed lounge named the Chocolate Library.

But the venue with the most buzz, DeCocinis said, is the rooftop bar OZONE, featuring Asian tapas, sushi and an open-air lounge.

"Our friends in the offices below us are waiting for this to open," he said with a laugh.

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Deutsche Bank Gambles on Vegas' Newest Hotel and Casino

Photo Courtesy - Getty Images(LAS VEGAS) -- The hottest party in Las Vegas this New Year's Eve was not at any of the monster casinos people know so well. In fact, it had nothing to do with magicians or show girls.

Instead, Jay-Z and Coldplay headlined a concert that included performances by Beyonce, John Mayer, and Kanye West at a hotel start-up on Vegas' Strip. The property had no history and no customer base, and many thought it had no chance of ever opening. But against all odds, The Cosmopolitan is the talk of Sin City these days, for reasons that go far beyond its curious ad campaign, which includes a bellboy with no pants.

"My mom called me and she said, 'I saw that commercial and I don't know what it meant, but I kind of liked it,'" said John Unwin, the CEO of The Cosmopolitan. "We've had good's got a pants-less bellboy and it's got puppies."

Unwin is the leading man in a story that symbolizes America's boom-and-bust era like few others.

Six years ago a developer named Ian Bruce Eichner had plans for a $3.9 billion monstrosity with 28-foot-robots playing guitars and a tower of expensive condos. But when he defaulted on his loans, Deutsche Bank became the sudden owners of the unfinished hotel-casino, and the first bank to own a hotel on the Vegas Strip.

After finding no buyers, the German bank bought out The Cosmopolitan itself for $4 billion. It lured Unwin away from Caesar's Palace, where he was working as the general manager, and finished the place with an entirely new concept.

Vegas is still limping back from a horrible slump, with too many rooms and not enough guests. If The Cosmopolitan somehow manages to draw more gamblers than its bigger neighbor, the Bellagio, it would take 15 years for Deutsche Bank to break even.

Architect David Rockwell had to take a relatively small nine-acre space and build upwards to design the lavish Cosmopolitan. His best known work includes the home of the Academy Awards, the ultra-hip Nobu restaurants and even experimental playgrounds. But he had never designed a casino until now. Now the hotel is one of the most posh places in Vegas, with a lobby that seems to be more like a post-modern art gallery than just a place to check in. 

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Harlem Gets Its First Hotel in 40 Years

Photo Courtesy - ABC News(NEW YORK) -- A new hotel will open in Harlem, New York in a few days, making it the first new major hotel to open in the neighborhood in more than 40 years.  The Aloft boutique hotel will be located just around the corner from the famed Apollo Theater, and is billed as edgier and hipper than most hotels.

For travelers, the hotel offers a new, modern space at 10 to 15 percent cheaper prices than comparable midtown hotels.

"This place is vibrant; lots of things going on," Aloft's general manager, Daniel Fevre, told ABC News while standing outside the Apollo.

Aloft is Starwood Hotels' relatively new affordable, but chic, chain.  There is a pool table near the lobby bar, and music is pumped through the first floor and the outdoor courtyard.  Bright colors are everywhere, and the hotel tries to be whimsical with names and services.  For instance, there is no housekeeping, just "refresh."

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